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Picture 6Performed at Muziekcentrum DE BIJLOKE, Ghent Sunday, April 29, 2012 – 3 PM.
Performance production: Lyrica Gent
Composer: Karel Miry

Libretto: Hippoliet Van Peene, Vincent Bertrand* (Charles Quint), Amaryllis Grégoire (Marguerite), Laurent Kubla (Van Ghest), Denzil Delaere (Johan), Thomas Mürk (Padilla/Battelier), Opera & Belcanto Chorus L. Soudan conducted by Herman Streulens, Male Choir “De Oudenaardse Zangvereniging” conducted by Hans Van Canneyt, Symphonic Youth Orchestra East-Flanders JeMoo conducted by Geert Soenen. As performed at Muziekcentrum DE BIJLOKE, Ghent, Sunday, April 29, 2012 – 3 PM.

Vincent Bertrand replaced an indisposed collegue at the very last minute, but made a tremendous impression nonetheless.

Performance production: Lyrica Gent
Recording: 401DutchOperas.com/Hilaire de Slagmeuler
© 2012 Lyrica Gent/ 401DutchOperas.com

Includes full libretto (F/NL) • 98 page PDF booklet with composer bio, background, plot synopsis (ENG/NL) See low resolution video sample below.

Videos in archives for direct download

Archive 1:  
01 ACT I Vogue, vogue barque (Johan)  
02 ACT I ACT I Fiere cite de Gand (Charles V)  
Archive 2:  
03 ACT I Ah! Ah! Ah!... Je suis enfant de la Bohème (Marguerite, Charles V)  
04 ACT I Je vois combler me voeux (Marguerite, Johan, Charles V)  
Archive 3:  
05 ACT I J'ai vu passer vingt ans (Van Ghest)  
06 ACT I Bonsoir maître... Dieu des amours (Johan)  
Archive 4:  
07 ACT II Loin du pays de Flandres (Couplets de Van Ghest)  
08 ACT II Parlez, expliquez vous (POISONING SCENE Charles V, Marguerite)  
Archive 5:  
08 ACT IV Mon père (PRISON SCENE Marguerite, Van Ghest)  
09 ACT IV Malheureux... Ah! Déjà l'espérance (AIR Marguerite)  
Archive 6:  
10 ACT V Tout ici me rappelle (Charles V)  
11 ACT V Du serment qui l'engage (TRIO FINALE)  

Format: MP4

Recorded by: 401DutchOperas.com/Hilaire de Slagmeulder
© 2012 Lyrica Gent/ 401DutchOperas.com

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