Bouchard D’ Avesnes (David Astorga, tenor), Guillaume de Dampierre aka Norbert the Gypsy (Paul Claus, baritone), Marguerite De Constantinople (Jolien De Gendt, soprano), Regnier/Baudry (Christian Lujàn, baritone), Roger (Isabel Garcia, soprano), Choirs Novecanto and FA.SI.-nant (Baarle-Drongen), Symphonic Youth orchestra of East-Flanders (JeMOO), Tom Deneckere (choir master), Geert Soenen (conductor) Conservatory Ghent, ”Karel Miry” Hall March 2, 2014 (15.00 hours) A Lyrica Ghent production. * The highlights exclude the small rôle of Jeanne. T.T. 2.35 hours
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Karel Miry: BOUCHARD D'AVESNES (Extensive video highlights*)

The unique revival of Karel Miry's 1864 grand opéra Bouchard d'Avesnes by Lyrica Ghent was one of the most moving operatic experiences I have ever witnessed. The work is an absolute masterpiece in the genre and the performance, though made with modest financial means, was stunning. All performers rose to their top level in a cast headed by the mesmerizing Marguerite of Jolien De Ghent and the often impressive Bouchard by tenor David Astorga, who mastered here one of the most challenging rôles ever written for tenor. Likewise Paul Claus, Christian Lujàn and the ravishing Dugazon of Isabel Garcia in the trouser rôle of Roger gave their hearts and soul to Miry and the conductor, Geert Soenen. The latter is chef of the JeMOO Youth orchestra of East Flanders, an ensemble that he inspired here to give what may well prove to have been their best performance ever. In short, the Lyrica revival was far more than some provincial performance of just another local rarity. This was to date the last example of the superb operatic tradition that Ghent used to have until the late 1970s and the most important operatic rediscovery of the year 2014 for sure. Regrettably, we can only publish extensive highlights, for the simple reason that one of the support cast singers did not agree to have her excerpts published. This still leaves us with 90% of the opera, including all the true highlights. RS.

Production: Lyrica Ghent
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PDF booklet: PDF booklet: Contains a 134 page PDF booklet withnumerous photos from the production and the rehearsals, biographical information, the libretto (French/Dutch) and the synopsis.
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*** The highlights exclude the small rôle of Jeanne.


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