Julia Bronkhorst in Opera Vol 1 & 2

Julia Bronkhorst sings excerpts from Die Rose von Stambul, La Cenerentola. Judita Triumphans, Ascanio in Alba, Les Indes Galantes, Les Huguenots, Orpheus in de Onderwereld, Clemenza di Tito (Mozart), Echos de Votre Faust, Purcell's 'King Arthur' ACT III and the complete Dutch language Amahl and the Night Visitors (Menotti). Also features a concert excerpt from Wagenaar's 'De Schipbreuk' and includes world premiere recordings of modern Dutch operas by Caroline Ansink: 'Polen in Plan Zuid' (2015) and René Samson's 'Het Ware Geweld' (2003). Spanning Julia's entire career from her conservatory days in 1987 to date! Comes with a lavish pdf booklet with countless photographs of Julia in her operatic roles. These recordings provide a unique glimpse of what opera in The Netherlands had and has to offer outside the Dutch National Opera. There are remarkable performances from venues in Dordrecht, Utrecht, Voorschoten, ALden Biesen (Belgium), the Amsterdam Canals Festival and Cristofori.
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PDF booklet: Contains a 57 page PDF booklet with high biographical information, high res photographs and newspaper clippings in facsimile.
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Julia Bronkhorst's biography (English/Dutch)
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 Volume I  
01 Fall: Die Rose von Stambul ‘Kennen Sie das alte, schöne, wundersame Keramlied?’ (1998, Haarlem)  
02 Fall: Die Rose von Stambul ‘Sie glauben mein Herr’ (duet)  
03 Fall: Die Rose von Stambul ‘Aber nun ein Walzer’ (duet)
04 Mozart: Ascanio in Alba ‘L’ombra del rami tuoi’ (Venere)(1991, Amsterdam)  
05 Mozart: Ascanio in Alba ‘Al chiaror’ (Venere)
06 Rameau: Les Indes Galantes ‘Regnez, amours’ (Emilie)(1999 Utrecht)  
07 Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots ’Nobles Seigneurs’ (1994, Cristofori Amsterdam)
08 Offenbach: Orphée aux Enfers ‘Couplets des regret’
09 Pousseur: Echos de Votre Faust ‘Couleur de l’air-B’ (1994, Faustfestival)  
10 Wagenaar: De Schipbreuk ’Brandewijn aria’ (2000, Amsterdam)
11 René Samson: Het Ware Geweld ‘Als ik mijn ogen sluit’ (2003 demo, Alkmaar)  
12 René Samson: Het Ware Geweld ‘Maar ik leef nog’ (2003 demo, Alkmaar)
13 Caroline Ansink: Polen in Plan Zuid 'FInale' (2015, April 19, Amsterdam, Liberal Jewish Society of Amsterdam. Hans de Vries (bt), Myra Kroese (a), Julia Bronkhorst
   Total Time: 75.01'
 Volume II  
01 Mozart: La Clemenza di Tito ‘Annius Aria’ (1987 Belgium, Alden Biesen Opera Center)
02 Rossini: La Cenerentola ‘Non più mesta’ [incomplete] (1987 Haarlem, Mosterzaadje)
03 Vivaldi: Judita Triumphans ‘Armate face anguibus’ (1987 Utrecht, Final Exam Conservatory)  
04 Purcell: King Arthur ‘Act III’ (1998, October 21/24, Dordrecht, Eneco Ketelhuis. Conductor Hans Lamers)
05 Menotti: Amahl and the Night Visitors (complete opera)
(1993, July 29, Voorschoten, Dorpskerk; Amahl (Ruben de Grauw), Moeder Amahl (Julia Bronkhorst), Koning Kaspar (Geert Berths), Koning Melchior (Sander Kroeze), Koning Balthasar (Herbert Perquin), Winter Opera Koor en Orkest conducted by Jaap Schallenberg)
   Total Time: 73.25'

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